SEBTS Seminary Graduation Application

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Distinguished Graduate: Great Commission Student
Did you go on a mission trip while you were a student at Southeastern (e.g., Southeastern trip, local church mission trip, etc.)?
If yes, where did you go? (required for honor cord eligibility)
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I anticipate completing the requirements and apply for the degree of:

Master of Arts Biblical Languages (MABL)  
Master of Arts Biblical Translation (MABT)  
Master of Arts Christian Ethics (MAEth)  
Master of Arts Christian Studies (MACS)  
Master of Arts Old Testament (MAOT)  
Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling (MABC)  
Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE)  
Master of Arts in Christian Education & Biblical Counseling (MACE/BC)  
Master of Arts in Christian School Administration (MACSA)  
Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (MAML)  
Master of Arts in Philosophy of Religion (MAPR)  
Master of Arts in Women's Studies (MAMW)  
Master of Church Music (MCM)  
Master of Divinity (MDiv)  
with Advanced Biblical Studies (AB)  
with Biblical Counseling (BC)  
with Christian Apologetics (AP)  
with Christian Ministry (CM)  
with Collegiate Ministry (ColMin)  
with Ethics (Eth)  
with Evangelism (EV)  
with Expository Preaching (EP)  
with International Church Planting (IP)  
with Ministry Leadership (ML)  
with Missiology (Missio)  
with North American Church Planting (NP)  
with Pastoral Ministry (PM)  
with Student Ministry (StudMin)  
with Worship Leadership (WL)  
with Women's Studies (MW)  
Master of Theology (non-thesis) (ThM/N)  
Master of Theology (thesis) (ThM/T)  
Doctor of Education (EDD)  
Doctor of Ministry (DMin)  
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)  
Other degree not listed: