SEBTS College Graduation Application

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Date of anticipated graduation:
Student Identification Number:
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Your home town (as your desire it to appear on the Commencement Program):
Your sending church:
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Distinguished Graduate: Great Commission Student
Did you go on a mission trip while you were a student at Southeastern (e.g., Southeastern trip, local church mission trip, etc.)?
If yes, where did you go? (required for honor cord eligibility)
In a few words, briefly describe the nature of the trip. (required for honor cord eligibility)

I anticipate completing the requirements and apply for the degree of: (Please Check all that apply.)

Associate of Arts (AA)  
Associate of Divinity (ADiv)  
Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BABS)  
with a minor in Church Music (BABS (CM))  
with a minor in the History of Ideas (BABS (HI))  
and Christian Worldview (BABS/CW)  
and English (BABS/ENG)  
and History (BABS/HIS)  
and the History of Ideas (BABS/HI)  
and Humanities (BABS/HUM)  
and Music (BABS/MUS)  
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies (BACS)  
and English (BACS/ENG)  
and History (BACS/HIS)  
and Humanities (BACS/HUM)  
and Missions (BACS/MIS)  
and Music (BACS/MUS)  
and Pastoral Ministry (BACS/PM)  
and Theology (BACS/THE)  
with a minor in  
Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAIS)  
Other degree not listed: