Beck, David R
Professor of New Testament and Greek
Associate Dean of Biblical Studies


Program: Graduate     Discipline: New Testament     Area: Biblical Studies    

Teaching Since: 1995

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BA Eastern Kentucky University
M.Div. Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Ph.D. Duke University

I love traveling with my wife and spending time with my granddaughters; I enjoy reading mysteries.

Teaching Goals
to enable students to understand the relevance of God's Word to every facet of their lives and ministry.

Reading Recommendation
Graeme Goldsworthy, Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture
Derek Tidball, Ministry by the Book
Daniel Treier, Introducing Theological Interpretation of Scripture

Research Interests
Biblical foundations for pastoral ministry

SEBTS Excellence in Teaching Award

Society Memberships
Evangelical Theological Society, Society of Biblical Literature

Courses Taught

    FALL 2014
        BTI5100Hermeneutics - SPANISH
        DMN8151Min Proj & Proj Rep Writing I
        DMN8152Min Proj & Proj Rep Writing II
        EDD8501Mentorship and Guided Research I
        EDD8502Mentorship and Guided Research II
        GRK2610Biblical Greek I
        GRK5110Biblical Greek I
        NTS0510Intro New Testament Interpretation
        NTS3800NT Book Study: Ephesians - ONLINE
        NTS5100Intro to NT Interpretation- ONLINE
        NTS6800NT Book Study: Ephesians - ONLINE

    SUMMER 2014
        EDD8502Mentorship and Guided Research II
        GRK3610Greek Syntax and Exegesis I
        GRK6500Greek Syntax and Exegesis

    SPRING 2014
        DMN8151Min Proj & Proj Rep Writing I
        DMN8152Min Proj & Proj Rep Writing II
        EDD8501Mentorship and Guided Research I
        NTS5120New Testament: Acts, Epistles, and Revel
        PHD9202Integrative Seminar II
        PRS9620The Use of the Bible in Preaching (New T

    JANUARY 2014
        LED9320Biblical Foundations for Leadership

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